Nuytsland Nature Reserve

Nuytsland Nature Reserve hugs one of the most well known drives in Australia, the Nullarbor. Considered a right of passage for Australian travellers, this long and linear reserve will reward you with vistas of sheer limestone cliffs, remote beaches and increasingly arid sandplains. But out here, in the far south east of WA, is one of the most internationally known caves; Cocklebiddy Cave. Cocklebiddy is one of hundreds of caves that form the world’s largest arid limestone karst system and once proudly held the record for longest cave diving distance at 6250m. Researchers have described diving in Cocklebiddy as surreal and likened it to floating through air due to the extreme clarity of the water.

Divers aren’t the only ones drawn to the cave; as sunset pours over the landscape and the first evening stars make their entrance, families of swallows swarm out of the cave and dance in the darkening sky. For more information on this remote nature reserve visit here or here.