Gawler Ranges National Park

Visiting the Gawler Ranges will take you back in time to the days of pastoralism; remnants of historic homesteads, shearing sheds and broken down farm fences can be found throughout the park. The sheep have also left their mark with much of the native vegetation cleared to make way for well trodden paddocks, exposing the vivid granite coloured soils that sleep below. The open plains make it easier to appreciate the local wildlife, such as kangaroos bounding across the landscape and groups of wedge-tailed eagles circling overhead.

One of the parks most popular features is the distinctive granite columns known as the Organ Pipes. These angular columns are grander than any you will find in a church, however you are best visiting them when it is dry as all the access tracks turn into quagmires after rains, unless of course you fancy a muddy day-spa!

For more information on the ranges visit National Parks South Australia.