Lawn Hill (Boodjamulla) National Park

Lawn Hill National Park would have to be one of the most outstanding national parks that Queensland has to offer. Set in the deep north-west of the state, this country looks more like a typical scene from the Northern Territory or north-west of WA than Queensland.

The park has a rich aboriginal history and is now, like many parks across Australia, referred to by its traditional name; Boodjamulla, meaning Rainbow Serpent Country. There are many sites of ethnographic value and it is not hard to understand why; if you were around 40 million years ago you would pick here to hang out too.

If you arrive in the late afternoon you will be welcomed by the sun setting fire to the Lawn Hill Gorge. And as the light bleeds into darkness, the tranquil reflections of the pandanus fringed banks on the water will make you realise that you are indeed camping in heaven.

Everything about this place is as its name suggests; bold and a kaleidoscope of vivid colour; from deep blues skies to dramatic rusty red gorges and luscious green tropical savannah vegetation. The emerald green waters with their green lily pads are also home to another green inhabitant; the freshwater crocodile. They are friendly though and don’t even mind sharing their billabong with swimmers and paddlers.

There are many enjoyable walk trails that appreciate the scenery of this park and the camping facilities are excellent too, especially so for such a remote area, including full amenities and recycling facilities. The only thing that attempts to spoil the place is the invasion of the cane toads that resurrect themselves through the rustling leaf litter each evening to recommence their march of havoc.

Before leaving the area, visiting the World Heritage Listed site in Riversleigh is a must. Due to the exemplary preservation of fossils the site tells the story of how Australia’s unique fauna evolved, making it one of the top 10 places in the world to see evolution firsthand. For more information about the Riversleigh WHA site visit here or for more information about Lawn Hill (Boodjamulla) National Park visit here.