Limmen National Park

The Savannah Way is one of Australia’s best touring routes; stretching from Cairns on the east coast to Broome on the west coast, this 3700km trans-country route links fifteen National Parks and five World Heritage areas, of which Limmen National Park is one. Situated in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory, this park is one of the territory’s biggest covering nearly 1 million hectares. With its grand size comes great diversity of landscapes; including tidal rivers, wetlands, islands, expansive savannah plains and intriguing sandstone pillar formations. The park is renowned for these sandstone pillars which are better known as the “Lost City”, and when back-lit by twilight, their unique shapes resemble that of an ancient ghost town making it a wonderful place to camp.

Limmen is one of the more remote parks in the country and therefore offers a greater experience of solitude and isolation that is difficult to find these days. But be warned; with remoteness comes less road maintenance so be sure to visit after the road is graded or it will forever be known as the park-that-killed-your-shockies! The other important thing to note is that if coming from the south, you have crossed over from friendly freshwater crocodile habitat to that of the mighty salty which calls most of the watering holes and rivers in Limmen National Park home.

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