Litchfield National Park

Situated only 100km south-west of Darwin, Litchfield National Park is one of the most accessible parks in the Northern Territory as well as having some of the most picturesque swimming holes in the country. Set to a backdrop of rusty gorges and surrounded by palm trees, the refreshing pools of Wangi and Florence Falls are not to be missed. Bring a snorkel along to appreciate the freshwater life dancing below the waterline.

The park is also the palatial residence to some of the world’s best engineers; the Cathedral and Magnetic termites and their queens. Termite mounds are complex, architectural feats complete with many purpose specific rooms, tunnels, ventilation and insulation. Cathedral termite mounds dot the park’s landscape and are some of the biggest in the world reaching a staggering 4m tall. Magnetic termite mounds are unique in that they are aligned north to south to minimise exposure to the sun.

One of the several “Lost Cities” of the state is also found here, however, in comparison to its big brother in Limmen National Park, perhaps it was better off staying lost…

The camping facilities at Wangi Campground are second to none, but beware the plagues of vampire mosquitoes that descend after dark to hunt…however, even they can not detract from the truly awesome experience of falling asleep to the roar of a grand waterfall. How many places in the world can you do that!?

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