Gregory (Judbarra) National Park

Victoria Highway is the main road that connects the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory to Kununurra in Western Australia. This 555km long stretch of road forms part of the Savannah Way and highlights the ecocline between the two states. The distinctive boab tree, which is generally recognized as a WA icon, actually begins to make its debut in the NT.

This highway also provides access to the remote Gregory National Park, or Judbarra as the traditional owners call it. There are many lovely hikes to enjoy in the park including the Escarpment and Nawulbinbin walks or visit the historic boab called Gregory’s Tree; named after the explorer Augustus Gregory who marked the arrival and departure dates of his north Australian expedition on the tree. Situated on the banks of the Victoria River, the location is also a sacred site to the Ngarinman people.

Driving west in the late afternoon, the low hanging sun creates iconic sunsets of outback Australia, so stunning that you seriously start to consider packing up in the city to run a roadhouse out here. The sweeping rivers and rusty ranges absorb the riot of colour in the sky as the intense hot pinks ebb into the stone and the indigos dissolve into the water’s reflection.

For more information on this national park or Gregory’s Tree visit here or here.