Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is the biggest man-made lake in Western Australia. Built in 1972 by the damming of the Ord River, the lake covers 980km2 and is so expansive it looks more like an inland sea than a lake. Holding an incomprehensible volume of water, there are sections where the horizon is endless water from both boat and air.

The dam was constructed to supply irrigation water to enable intensive agricultural development in the region and is renowned for its plentiful barramundi. Aside from the immense infrastructure of the dam wall and creepy water level tower, there is little else here except for a caravan park. But with an infinity pool that overlooks the sun-kissed rugged banks of the dam plunging into the satin blue water below, who would want more?

The Pannikin Lookout is also a great place to celebrate the end of another day; witness as the sun pours iridescent honey over the landscape, then watch it gradually desaturate as the light bleeds slowly into the night.

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