Gibb River Road Gorges

The landscape along the Gibb River Road is mostly savannah plains with short trees, except for where the land is abruptly and almost secretly, carved up into gorges. There are many such hidden gorges along the way including Manning Gorge, Galvans Gorge and Bell Gorge, in addition to those found in the stations.

Getting to Manning Gorge is an adventure in itself with a Gilligan’s Island style boat on a pulley system that you have to use to haul yourself over the water to continue the walk to the gorge.

Galvans Gorge is one of the smaller gorges along the Gibb River Road but also a favourite. Beautiful waterlilies clad the river leading you to a secluded rock pool fringed in luscious vegetation. Standing sentinel at the top of the waterfall is a single bold boab tree watching over this sacred indigenous site marked with rock art.

Bell Gorge has a stunning top pool crisscrossed with fun stepping stones before it drops down a terraced waterfall into a final bell shaped pool at the bottom, which is where the name is derived. Both are excellent spots for a refreshing dip.

If you don’t get time to visit Barnett River Gorge do not despair; if the non-track doesn’t put you off or the non-gorge at the end of the non-track, then the sign saying “trespassers shot on site” will! Definitely not worth busting the hip of your camper trailer for!

For more information on the great line up of gorges along the Gibb River Road visit here.