Tunnel Creek National Park

Descending from the bright, leafy surrounds of the cave’s opening and into the depths of Tunnel Creek is like entering a wormhole to an alien subterranean planet, where eyes are vestigial organs. You are met with an unearthly silence and stillness; the air feels ancient and without the comfort of heat.

With the elimination of light your other senses are heightened; every noise becomes suspicious. The whispering of bats’ wings and random splashes add to the feeling of unseen eyes watching you as you hopscotch from sand bank to sand bank over the creek. The water becomes too wide in sections so wading becomes mandatory, but you think you see two little faint ruby red eyes of a baby crocodile appearing above the waterline, so you start wondering “where’s mummy?”

Then halfway through the 750m tunnel, a collapsed section of roof spills reassuring light into the cave, revealing hidden colours and the smoothed limestone of the Devonian reef which has been carved out over millennia. All of the suspicious noises are suddenly friendly and the beauty of the oldest cave system in WA is appreciated.

For more information on this underground wonderland visit here.