Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park and the abutting Ningaloo Marine Park would have to be one of the most visited parks in the state, and for good reason. With a backdrop of clear blue skies panning down to rugged ranges bordered by a narrow coastal plain which steps into an azure coral garden, who wouldn’t want to visit here?

The weathered gorges of Charles Knife Canyon, Yardie Creek Gorge and Mandu Mandu Gorge quietly speak of how ancient this part of the world really is. Yardie Creek Gorge is a great place to explore by kayak but don’t be deceived by the glassy reflections of the limestone cliffs that have been standing there for millennia; these seemingly still waters can actually give you a run for your money with their current, and the gorge can quickly become a wind tunnel!

The landscape here is painted with a palette of oranges and blue hues, which only intensify as the sun sets. At this cooler time of the day the kangaroos venture out again to graze and their honeyed fur camouflages them in with the surrounding vegetation. Cape Range is a very important haven for an abundance of birds, mammals and reptiles, some of which are threatened like the black-flanked rock wallaby.

black-footed rock-wallaby

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