Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a quaint spot just south of Exmouth who’s colourful coral reefs and white sandy beaches have put it firmly on the tourist map. The bay forms part of the Maud Sanctuary Zone in the greater Ningaloo Marine Park, making it an ideal location for marine enthusiasts.

From fishing to quad biking, snorkeling to diving, there is something to entice everyone into enjoying the great outdoors. Off-road tracks take you past stunning wildflowers and up rippled, alabaster sand dunes, which at the crest afford spectacular views over the reef.

Come morning, the early light warms the sandy arc of the bay and the east-facing seagulls as they say their morning prayers. The serene feeling of dawn is quickly amped up by the rising sun and with it the throngs of people keen to explore the immersed coral labyrinth. The bay is also a good spot for a jaunt of nude sun baking, but try to avoid setting up at the end of a walking track unless you are daring!

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