Quobba Station

Quobba Station is a coastal diamond with many natural attractions. From the surging whitewash swallowing the limestone platform at the blowholes to the stunning wildflowers and vistas from the lighthouse, visiting Quobba is a must.

The snorkeling at Quobba Point can rival that at Ningaloo Marine Park with its synchronised schools of fish and iridescent starfish meandering through a colourful city of coral. The fun continues above water on the beach where clam shells and seaweed are dotted everywhere to play with as well.

The station’s homestead is a great place to stay with camp sites perched in the dunes affording views of the ocean. The facilities are also great from the saloon style swinging doors on the rustic ablutions block to the extensive tracks allowing access to a variety of coastal scenery.

Such scenery includes coastal salt lakes and expansive views of Cape Cuvier. The Rio Tinto port facility for one of its Dampier Salt mine operations gives the height of these cliffs some perspective as they tower over 100m above the sea level. Some of the best surf beaches on the west coast of WA can also be found here north of Cape Cuvier at Red Bluff.

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