D’Entrecasteaux National Park

Named after the French expeditionist who sailed past in 1792, D’Entrecasteaux National Park is a unique mixture of bold granite outcrops, rugged cliffs, surging beaches, tranquil lakes and towering karri forests all in the one park.

The views from the various peaks such as Mount Pingerup and Chudalup, across the forest canopy and coastal heathlands to the Southern Ocean on the horizon, is breathtaking. There is also much life and exquisite detail to explore in the wildflowers and moss and lichen covered granite outcrops along the way.

The serene lakes are fringed with pristine vegetation and are a complete contrast to the wild coastal front where the wind and waves are determined to bend everything to its will. But clamber down the cliffs to one of the secluded bays on a calm day, with the silky feeling of white sand underfoot, azure waters ahead and not a soul in sight, and you too will feel like one of the early explorers.

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