West Cape Howe National Park

Situated between Demark and Albany, West Cape Howe National Park is a sublime section of the stunning southern coastline. With a mix of dramatic cliffs, sheltered lagoons and white sandy beaches, this place has it all!

The drawcard of the park is Shelley Beach; from the lookout you can admire the pristine vegetation sweeping down the rugged escarpment into two exposed granite headlands that hug one of the prettiest beaches in the country. Hang gliders launch from here out over the graduated blue waters, circling down onto the perfect beach below, making it one of the most scenic places for this sport.

Down on the beach, the sand is soft, the water clear and a lovely waterfall cuts its way through to the surf. In season, bright bluebottle jellyfish also dot the shoreline.

Just outside of the park, the protected turquoise waters dotted with granite islands, make Cosy Corner an ideal spot to camp, fish, snorkel or kayak. There are also grand views across the bay to the harmonised beauty of the wind farms.

From the dazzling scenery to the diverse recreational opportunities, West Cape Howe National Park really is one of the best places to people watch, meet new friends or spend a fantastic New Year’s Day at!

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