Avon Valley National Park

Need tree time but don’t want to travel far? Avon Valley National Park is situated a mere stones throw from Perth city! Visit in spring to be welcomed by a carpet of white and yellow daisies smiling out from underneath a mixture of jarrah, marri, powderbark and wandoo forest.

Drummonds campground is a shady, peaceful place to sit and draw or do a spot of electrical work on your camper! Perched high on the sweeping bend of the valley, its outlook over the trees makes you wish you could build a permanent residence here. A narrow goats trail like path leads down from the campsite, past kangaroos enjoying the open vista of granite outcrops streaked with millennia of rain, into the smooth, dry riverbed below.

This river is not always sombre; come winter its whitewash laughter is packed with adventure enthusiasts undertaking the Avon Descent challenge. So whether it be for an overnighter or more, Avon Valley National Park is a great place for a quick jaunt of camping to recharge the batteries.

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