Fancy wandering around Wandering? It is well worth the short drive 130km just south east of Perth to spend New Years here. Situated in Marradong Country in the heart of the Darling Range, surrounded by farmland with patches of remnant wandoo forest to the east and jarrah forest to the west, there is much to explore. Hoofing up the the granite outcrops should definitely be on the list of things to do to see the sweeping views over the honey washed landscape at sunset.

Visiting the nearby historic Pumphrey’s Bridge over the Hotham River is also a must. Built sometime ago, it is now partially collapsed and has been superseded by a newer bridge. This time of the year the river is barely flowing and you can enjoy a warm bath or even a mud bath in its shrinking pools but beware, your skin will feel great but you will smell like a wet dog the entire ride home! For more information on Marradong Country visit here.