Nightcap National Park

Only an hours drive away from Byron Bay, Nightcap National Park is situated in north-eastern NSW and forms part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, the largest area of subtropical rainforest in the world.

The dramatic beauty of the park can be seen from the Minyon Falls Lookout where water cascades over 100m of sheer cliff face to a majestic pool below and breathtaking panoramic views of the gorge and tree tops spread out for miles.

The Minyon Loop Walking Trail commences here and winds around the tops of the eucalyptus covered cliffs, including the conspicuous Scribbly Gum, before descending into the deep shade of the luscious subtropical rainforest at the base. With a roof of palm fronds overhead, giant vines hanging from the sky and mossy boulders strewn across musical creeks and rivers, the place has an otherworldly, magical feel to it. You can easily forget that you are in Australia and not in some undiscovered paradise closer to the equator.

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