Kennedy Ranges National Park

The Kennedy Ranges is a stark mesa, some 75km long and 25km wide, rising dramatically out of the surrounding desert landscape. The arid climate combined with a millennia of erosion, has resulted in sparse, half strangled vegetation desperately vying to get a foothold in the rubble which gives the place a post apocalyptic feel. This really is the wild west of WA.

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Quobba Station

Quobba Station is a coastal diamond with many natural attractions. From the surging whitewash swallowing the limestone platform at the blowholes to the stunning wildflowers and vistas from the lighthouse, visiting Quobba is a must.

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Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a quaint spot just south of Exmouth who’s colourful coral reefs and white sandy beaches have put it firmly on the tourist map. The bay forms part of the Maud Sanctuary Zone in the greater Ningaloo Marine Park, making it an ideal location for marine enthusiasts.

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Ningaloo Marine Park

Ningaloo Marine park is a colourful underwater wonderland; the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast of Australia gets more attention but Ningaloo is just as good, if not better. You can snorkel straight off the beach here and let the current drift you until the end, hop out, walk back up the beach and start again!

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Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park and the abutting Ningaloo Marine Park would have to be one of the most visited parks in the state, and for good reason. With a backdrop of clear blue skies panning down to rugged ranges bordered by a narrow coastal plain which steps into an azure coral garden, who wouldn’t want to visit here?

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