Contaminated Sites

Random Donga near Mount Barnett Gorge, Gibb River Road, Western Australia


  • State Law Publisher
    • Contaminated Sites Act 2003
    • Environmental Protection Act 1986
    • Environmental Protection Regulations 1987
    • Health Act 1911
    • Health Act (Underground Water Supply) Regulations 1959
    • Soil and Land Conservation Act 1945
    • Waterways Conservation Act 1976



  • AS 1726:1993 Geotechnical Site Investigations
  • AS 4482.1:2005 Guide to the Investigation and Sampling of Sites with Potentially Contaminated Soil – Non-Volatile and Semi-Volatile Compounds
  • AS 4482.2:1999 Guide to the Sampling and Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Soil – Volatile Substances
  • ISO 5667-18:2001 Water Quality – Sampling – Part 18: Guidance on Sampling of Groundwater at Contaminated Sites



  • DEC Contaminated Sites Management Series Guidelines
    • Assessment Levels for Soil, Sediment and Water
    • Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils in WA
    • Certificate of Contamination Audit Scheme (Draft)
    • Contaminated Sites Auditors: Guidelines for Accreditation, Conduct and Reporting
    • Contaminated Sites Auditors Forms
    • Community Consultation
    • Development of Sampling and Analysis Programs
    • Disclosure Statements
    • Landuse Planning Process
    • Potentially Contaminating Activities, Industries and Land Uses
    • Reporting of Known or Suspected Contaminated Sites
    • Reporting of Site Assessments
    • Site Classification Scheme
    • The Use of Risk Assessment in Contaminated Site Assessment
    • Use of Monitored Natural Attenuation for Groundwater Remediation
    • Site Summary Form
  • Assessment of Site Contamination NEPM
    • NEPM: Assessment of Site Contamination
    • 1. Guideline on Investigation Levels for Soil and Groundwater
    • 2. Guideline on Data Collection, Sample Design and Reporting of Data
    • 3. Guideline on Laboratory Analysis of Potentially Contaminated Soils
    • 4. Guideline on Health Risk Assessment Methodology
    • 5. Guideline on Ecological Risk Assessment
    • 6. Guideline on Risk Based Assessment of Groundwater Contamination
    • 7a.Guideline on Health-Based Investigation Levels
    • 7b.Guideline on Exposure Scenarios and Exposure Settings
    • 8. Guideline on Community Consultation and Risk Communication
    • 9. Guideline on Protection of Health & the Environment During the Assessment of Site Contamination
    • 10. Guideline on Competencies & Acceptance of Contaminated Land Auditors and Related Professionals
  • Other Guidelines
    • DEC: Assessment of Petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater
    • DEC: A guideline for Managing the Impacts of Dust and Associated Contaminants from Land Development Sites, Contaminated Sites Remediation and Other Related Activities
    • DoH: Contaminated Sites Reporting Guideline for Chemicals in Groundwater
    • EPA Guidance Statement No. 17: Remediation Hierarchy for Contaminated Land
    • Worksafe Guidance Note: Occupational Safety and Health Management and Contaminated Sites Work
    • DEC/DoH: Guidelines for the Assessment, Remediation and Management of Asbestos-Contaminated Sites in Western Australia