Environmental Photography

I enjoy taking nature and travel photographs and believe they are a great way to promote environmental conservation and awareness. I hope that through my photography and writing people are inspired to visit and appreciate the many stunning landscapes we share, especially in Australia. Below is a summary of applications in which my photography has been utilised.


My photography has been used in government publications, text books and websites to promote conservation in Australia. In particular, my photography can be viewed on the Department of the Environment’s website and in their Conservation Management Zones of Australia: South Western Australia Mallee Woodlands publication.


I have produced multiple travel photobooks which involved complete design of the layout, photo editing and writing.

Print and Stock Photography

My images have been used for print and stock sales for the decor market and tourism promotion on business websites.

I am happy to supply stock images free of change for environmental promotion purposes to not-for-profit organisations. Please refer to my archive for a listing of my stock imagery by location.

Photography Competitions

I have participated in several photography competitions and was selected as a Finalist in the Department of Parks and Wildlife’s Parks for People Photo Competition 2014, the Winner of the Get Lost Inspiring Travel magazine’s Happy Snaps Competition Issue 33 and 2nd Prize in the Wetland Landscapes Category for the Wetlandcare Australia Wetlands in Focus Photography Prize 2016.

For further information on my photography please contact me.
ABN: 76 871 520 185