Gibb River Road Gorges

The landscape along the Gibb River Road is mostly savannah plains with short trees, except for where the land is abruptly and almost secretly, carved up into gorges. There are many such hidden gorges along the way including Manning Gorge, Galvans Gorge and Bell Gorge, in addition to those found in the stations.

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El Questro Station

The Gibb River Road has become a right of passage for Australian 4WD enthusiasts. It is the last 660km leg of the Savannah Way connecting Kununurra in the east to Derby in the west. It has the allure and challenge of being a remote and hardcore track, but follow after the grader early in the dry season and it really is a piece of cake!

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Gregory (Judbarra) National Park

Victoria Highway is the main road that connects the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory to Kununurra in Western Australia. This 555km long stretch of road forms part of the Savannah Way and highlights the ecocline between the two states. The distinctive boab tree, which is generally recognized as a WA icon, actually begins to make its debut in the NT.

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