Yanchep National Park

At an easy 20 minutes north of Joondalup, Yanchep National Park is a great spot for a quick overnight camping jaunt or a day trip with the kids. The enormous flocks of black cockatoos in season and western grey kangaroos and water birds year round make this an ideal spot for nature lovers.

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March is a chilly but wonderful time to travel around the country; the last vestiges of winter beauty can still be admired in the landscape but if you look closely life is starting to spring.

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Geikie Gorge National Park

Geikie Gorge, like Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge, is part of the Napier Range formed by the 350 million year old Devonian limestone reef that extends throughout the Kimberley region. It too has been carved out from water; the mighty Fitzroy River has a catchment area larger than Tasmania, with headwaters commencing in the King Leopold and Mueller Ranges it greets the ocean over 700km downstream in King Sound, near Derby.     Continue reading “Geikie Gorge National Park”

Windjana Gorge National Park

Windjana Gorge is cut from the same cloth as Tunnel Creek and Geikie Gorge; together they are all part of the Napier Range formed from ancient Devonian limestone reef. This 3.5km long gorge has been weathered by the Lennard River to create towering 100m high walls and wide, sandy banks.

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Gregory (Judbarra) National Park

Victoria Highway is the main road that connects the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory to Kununurra in Western Australia. This 555km long stretch of road forms part of the Savannah Way and highlights the ecocline between the two states. The distinctive boab tree, which is generally recognized as a WA icon, actually begins to make its debut in the NT.

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