March is a chilly but wonderful time to travel around the country; the last vestiges of winter beauty can still be admired in the landscape but if you look closely life is starting to spring.

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Switzerland is renowned for its stunning alps and bright green, grassy plains peppered with cows wearing bells. Having the tallest mountains in Europe and the highest environmental standards, its pristine air quality is the benchmark for the rest of the continent. For more information visit here.

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European Gardens

Europe is famous for its grand palaces, chateaus, castles and manors but the gardens that surround them are equally stunning and opulent.  From the terraced fountains to the expansive courtyards, avenues of hedges, intricate statues and vivid flower displays, the gardens provide a host of outdoor rooms that evoke a sense of tranquility that is much needed in densely populated areas.

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European Rivers and Lakes

Most European cities are built on grand rivers or lakes. These waterways have been used for centuries to provide fundamental resources to growing populations as well as transport routes. Although now much altered, one can still appreciate the once-wild beauty of these waterways that have and will continue to outlive the history of men that surrounds them.

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European Coasts

The European coastline is often romanticised in films; convertible cars racing around winding, limestone cliffs, gorgeous women lounging on infamous beaches, extravagant yachts peppering harbours, terracotta roofs of quaint villages stacked on dramatic coastlines…the scenery is a major draw card for tourists and locals alike.

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