Blackwood River National Park

The township of Augusta is situated on the mouth of the Blackwood River and for a different experience why not rent a houseboat from here and steam upstream to truly immerse yourself in the landscape.

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Borneo – Palau Gaya

Fancy feeling like a celebrity? Well jump onboard your own privately charted, high-powered speed boat and zoom away from the shrinking city lights of Kota Kinabalu towards Palau Gaya and you will feel just like that. Standing at the bow, riding the waves in the dark while humid air pummels your face is certainly invigorating. Then arriving at a stylishly lit jetty, flanked with fancy gazebos and a golf buggy to collect us, I was waiting for the paparazzi to mistake me for someone famous.

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Borneo – Danum Valley

This is why I came here. To see this scenery. The ancient, virgin forest which is the heart of Borneo. It is simply epic. Breathtaking. Humbling. I don’t know how to describe it but I will try.

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Borneo – Gomantong Cave

Answer me this: why would people want to eat soup made from swiflet bird nests which are built from their saliva!? They are considered a delicacy and pay well so the Malay risk their lives scaling the stark sides and treacherously vaulted roofs of these limestone caves to harvest them. I will never look at tom yum goong soup the same again!

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