Wilson Inlet Denmark

There is something about water, the serenity it evokes, the calmness it reflects, the peacefulness it radiates, that draws all life towards it. Watching the sunrise progress and the world wake up over the Wilson Inlet from a little obscure jetty is a refreshingly meditative and reflective way to spend a morning, especially the last morning of a year.

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D’Entrecasteaux National Park

Named after the French expeditionist who sailed past in 1792, D’Entrecasteaux National Park is a unique mixture of bold granite outcrops, rugged cliffs, surging beaches, tranquil lakes and towering karri forests all in the one park.

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Lake Eyre National Park

Lake Eyre, the largest salt lake in Australia, is situated in the heart of the country 15m below sea level. Its vast salt plains have a footprint the size of a small country with a catchment area that covers three states. The lake has only filled to capacity three times during the last 150 years, but if you are lucky enough to see it during flood, you will witness the miracle of life’s colour flourish; tens of thousands of waterbirds amass across the country into a spontaneous pilgrimage to breed and feed on dessicated fish and frogs resurrected from the dry earth. The endless reflection on the water will also make you forget where the sky ends and the land begins.

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Lake Joondalup

Lake Joondalup is one of a series of important wetlands situated on the Swan Coastal Plain in Perth’s Metropolitan region. The lake is part of the greater Yellagonga Regional Park which also includes Lake Goollelal and Beenyup and Walluburnup Swamp. The lake and its surrounds are home to a variety of waterbird and other bird species, snakes, lizards and frogs. Long necked tortoises can often be seen cruising around the jetty!

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European Rivers and Lakes

Most European cities are built on grand rivers or lakes. These waterways have been used for centuries to provide fundamental resources to growing populations as well as transport routes. Although now much altered, one can still appreciate the once-wild beauty of these waterways that have and will continue to outlive the history of men that surrounds them.

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