Great Australian Bight Marine Reserve

The Great Australian Bight is a 200km stretch of Australia’s southern coast, where flat-topped, arid land is abruptly cleaved to make way for the bossy Southern Ocean. The cliffs afford an excellent vantage point for admiring the annual calving activities of the threatened southern right whale and other majestic marine and avifauna. Be sure to visit the lookouts along the way to experience the untamed, raw energy of the elements washing over you as they batter and claim the cliffs into the fathomless ocean.

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Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve

The hypersaline waters of Hamelin Pool is home to the oldest living organisms on earth, the stromatolites. This area is considered one of the world’s best examples of these living marine organisms and forms part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

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Barrow Island

Barrow Island has been an A Class Nature Reserve since 1910 for the conservation of flora and fauna and is the Australian equivalent to the Galapagos Islands. Due to its separation from the mainland for over 6000 years the island has evolved differently resulting in many species of animals being endemic to the island. The separation from the mainland has also prevented feral animals from predating on the fauna, giving us a precious representation of what mainland Australia once looked like prior to European settlement. The island is also largely surrounded by a Marine Management Area which protects a host of migratory marine fauna such dugongs and whales and is an internationally significant breeding areas for turtles. For more information on Barrow Island visit here or here.

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