Morocco – Toubkal National Park

Travelling west across Morocco, climbing deep into the High Atlas mountains, the landscape changes quickly. Pine and juniper trees give way to a desolate mix of rocky scree and smooth, domed expanses dusted in a rainbow of colours. The steep roads wind past areas of greens, oranges, yellows, reds and even blacks as they approach the highest mountain pass in all of Morocco. The Tizi n’Tichka pass, situated at 2260m altitude, affords sweeping vistas and is also surprisingly a hotspot for enthusiastic salesmen peddling geod rocks.

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Baw Baw National Park

Baw Baw National Park is one of the few locations in Australia where you can see snow on eucalypts! Mt Baw Baw rises 1567m and in winter becomes an ideal location for a quick skiing jaunt from Melbourne. For more information visit here.

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Patagonia is a mountainous region shared by Argentina and Chile in South America and boasts some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. This southern section of the Andes is home to various national parks, some of which are World Heritage listed, and is of very high conservation significance to an abundance of wildlife. For more information visit here or here.

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Switzerland is renowned for its stunning alps and bright green, grassy plains peppered with cows wearing bells. Having the tallest mountains in Europe and the highest environmental standards, its pristine air quality is the benchmark for the rest of the continent. For more information visit here.

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