Borneo – Lankayan Island

Imagine a mere spec of an island that takes only 15 minutes to circumnavigate, fringed with azure, coral reef shallows before the deep, blue ocean resumes and where turtles greet you on arrival. I introduce Lankayan Island.

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Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park

Eighty Mile Beach is the longest stretch of beach on the WA coastline at a grand 220km! The beach forms part of the marine park which provides internationally significant feeding grounds for small migratory wading birds. The expansive tidal flats, seagrass meadows, coral reefs and mangroves provides ideal habitat for invertebrates to flourish and feed these migratory birds, as well as a great diversity of permanent residents including the endemic flatback turtle that also nests here.

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Barrow Island

Barrow Island has been an A Class Nature Reserve since 1910 for the conservation of flora and fauna and is the Australian equivalent to the Galapagos Islands. Due to its separation from the mainland for over 6000 years the island has evolved differently resulting in many species of animals being endemic to the island. The separation from the mainland has also prevented feral animals from predating on the fauna, giving us a precious representation of what mainland Australia once looked like prior to European settlement. The island is also largely surrounded by a Marine Management Area which protects a host of migratory marine fauna such dugongs and whales and is an internationally significant breeding areas for turtles. For more information on Barrow Island visit here or here.

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